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45 minutes | Serves Makes 8 tacos

Extra-Crunchy Oven-Baked Fish Tacos with Mango Slaw

With a creamy slaw inspired by Pepper’s famous papaya salad!

10 minutes | Serves 1 or 2

Creamy, Spicy Salmon Rice Lettuce Wraps

Like Emily Mariko’s TikTok-famous salmon rice bowl…in lettuce wrap form!

35 minutes | Serves 8

Thai-ish Rotisserie Chicken & Rice Soup

Tastes slow-simmered, but only takes about 30 minutes thanks to the ultimate hero: rotisserie chicken.

20 minutes | Serves 1

Chili-Garlic Salmon Crispy Rice Paper Dumplings

The easiest homemade dumplings filled with tender salmon—inspired by the 2021 TikTok trend!

1 hour | Serves 4–6

Crispy Eggplant “Steaks” with Fried Rice & Mushroom Gravy

A hearty, comforting alternative holiday main dish from The Korean Vegan.

1 hour 20 minutes | Serves 12

Thai Iced Coffee Bread Pudding

The new best part of waking up.

1 hour, 30 minutes (including minimum marinating time) | Serves Makes 4 sandwiches

Orange Chicken Fried-Chicken Sandwiches

This freakin’ sandwich is exactly what a sandwich should be: a Panda Express knockoff in a bun.

15 minutes | Serves 4

Chili-Garlic Mushroom Noodles with Fried Eggs

A vegetarian dish that's still hearty, meaty, and has a Pepper-approved level of heat.

20 minutes | Serves 4 to 6

Thai-Inspired Watermelon Salad

Like Pepper’s famous papaya salad, but with the juicy and refreshing summer fruit instead.

40 minutes | Serves 4 (makes 8 wraps)

Sriracha Salmon Lettuce Wraps with Rice Crisps

Super tender salmon, refreshing greens, and the crunchiest topping (that doubles as a snack!)

10 minuts | Serves 2

Pepper's Papaya Salad

A classic Thai dish that is a Teigen family favorite—and will be yours, too.

30 minutes | Serves 10 (makes 50 pancakes)

Pepper's Kanom Krok (Thai Coconut Pancakes)

The sweet-and-savory pancakes are crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside.

5 minutes | Serves Makes ¾ cup

Pepper's Homemade Sweet Dark Soy Sauce

If you can't find sweet dark soy sauce at the store, make this easy homemade version!

40 minutes (including marinating) | Serves 4

Pepper's “Bow-Thai” See Ew

A delicious twist on pad see ew using bow-tie pasta!

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