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Adeena's Favorites

Adeena Sussman’s new book, Shabbat: Recipes and Rituals from My Table to Yours, is finally here! We have exclusive recipes and a list of all her favorites to celebrate “Adeena week” here at Cravings!

chrissy's faves

Get Creative With Our Baking Mixes

You can do so much more with our baking mixes than you think! Here are some of Chrissy's favorite ways to get creative with our best-selling mixes.

    Lowkey Lavender Grill Pan


    Lowkey Lavender Grill Pan

    No outdoor grill? No problem! This cast iron grill pan delivers summer's smokey BBQ flavors any time of the year—without the fuss of using an actual grill. Nonstick, extra-raised ridges for restaurant-grade grill marks Ridges help drain off fat (so you can save it for later) Plot twist: Can also be used as a waffle iron


    Great For:

    Thai-Inspired Lamb Burgers

    Crispy rice chips on top FTW.