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About Cravings



I spend the majority of my life in the kitchen—usually in a robe—and the only thing I love more than cooking, eating, and being horizontal on the couch is watching other people get inspired and find joy through food. If you’ve been around long enough, you might remember my food blog, So Delushious (in all of its Blackberry-snapped photo glory), or maybe you have one of my cookbooks.


I’ve always been full of ideas, but it wasn’t until I started Cravings that I was able to make them REAL. I love, love, love to problem-solve and create things (whether recipes or products) that make life easier, tastier, cozier, and a little more chill. From recipes I dream up in the middle of the night to robe prints inspired by a bouquet of flowers, Cravings is the place where my wildest dreams can come true. It’s my current nightstand sandwich recipe, the perfect pancake pan, tips and tricks to solve (almost) all of your cooking questions, and the slippers you can wear while trying to master Pepper’s papaya-cutting skills. (Seriously, I haven’t even done that yet, so report back!)


And while we’re just getting started, my hope is that someday Cravings is the one-stop shop for both cozy nights at home and the most impressive dinner party you can imagine. My goal is to help EVERYONE have more fun and get comfortable in the kitchen, with cookware that won’t quit on you when you need it most and cookwear that can hold up to all the splatter and spills that only happen when you’re really having fun.


If there’s anything YOU are personally craving from us, drop me a line here or @ us on social. I want to know! I’ll start scribbling down vision boards in my notebook as soon as I see your ideas.





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