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50 minutes | Serves 4

Pepper's Pad Thai Brussels Sprouts

All the flavors of pad Thai, glazed onto crispy Brussels sprouts!

45 minutes | Serves 4

Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Fish Sauce Caramel

Not like the caramel you put on ice cream—a savory Vietnamese sauce that reminds me of Japanese teriyaki.

2 hours, 30 minutes (including marinating time) | Serves 5–6

Pepper’s Chicken Satay with Pounded Peanut Dipping Sauce

An exclusive recipe from Pepper’s upcoming cookbook for Thai grilled chicken skewers with an incredible spicy-sweet dipping sauce!

30 | Serves 4

Pepper's Goong Ob Woonsen (Thai Shrimp & Glass Noodles)

Tender, chewy, perfectly salty noodles with a crispy bottom and lots of plump shrimp.

3 hours, 15 minutes | Serves 6 to 8

Beef Bourguignjang (Spicy Beef Stew)

The classic French beef stew, reimagined with an extra oomph of spice from gochujang, a Korean chile paste.

20 minutes | Serves 3 to 4

Corn Krapow

A vegetarian version of Pad Krapow that can really be made with any veggie.

50 minutes | Serves 6 rice balls

Turkey & Gravy Yaki Onigiri

Leftover Thanksgiving sandwiches are good...until you try Japanese-inspired crispy rice balls stuffed with turkey and gravy.

15 minutes | Serves 3 to 4

Herby Crunchy Rice Noodle Salad

Most of life’s questions can be answered with crispy shallots.

30 minutes | Serves 4

One-Skillet Orange Chicken

The right amount of sweet-and-spicy flavor and only one pan to clean.

20 minutes | Serves 4 to 6

Bacon & Broccoli Garlic Fried Rice

Your new go-to weeknight meal that packs in vegetables… and a little bacon.

20 minutes (includes cooling time) | Serves 1

Thai Iced Coffee

This coffee will spice up your morning.

50 minutes (plus at least one hour marinating time) | Serves 8 to 10 tacos

Sweet Chili Fajita Tacos

A sweet & spicy twist on fajitas!

15 minutes | Serves 2 to 3 as a side dish

Japanese "Creamed" Greens

Creamy, dreamy, greeny.

1 hour 25 minutes (included chilling) | Serves 6 to 8

Slippery Asian-ish Spaghetti Salad

Soy. Sesame. Spaghetti. Sweeeet!

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