Cravings | Kiss My Peach Tumbler, Set of 4

Kiss My Peach Tumbler, Set of 4

This hardworking glass is easy on the eyes, and an elegant addition to any table setting. The textured peachy-colored glass catches candlelight beautifully, but don't pull it out just for parties—this piece can be used every day for water, OJ, or whatever's on the daily drink menu.
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3 Tips For an Easy-Chic Tablescape

Chrissy's party planner Lisa Vorce sticks to three simple rules when setting the scene.

  • Function: One of Lisa's tips is to set two glasses per person—one for water, and one for another drink.

  • Design: Mix and match textures and colors to create a look that ties all your pieces together.

  • Soul: Add personal touches—if your secret sangria recipe is what's going in that extra glass, that totally counts.