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Tips & Tricks

The Expert Entertainers Holiday Gift Guide

What to buy for the hostess with the mostess in your life.

The Comfort Cravers Holiday Gift Guide

Cozy gift ideas for your favorite homebodies and enthusiastic snackers.

Chrissy's Top 5 Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

The tried-and-true, must-have dishes every. Single. Year.

How to Make a Sweet & Spicy Charcuterie Board

Using a foolproof method for building any board from marissa mullen of that cheese plate.

How to Make a Cheese “Cake” Tower

A more impressive way to serve up cheese this holiday season.

Alllll of Our Favorite Potato Recipes

From classic mashed potatoes to perfecting the hasselback, here are 14 ways to spruce up your spuds.

The Best Types of Apples for Cooking, Baking, Salads & Snacking

So you really can eat an apple a day.

How to Braise for the Most Fall-Apart-Tender Meats Ever

Braise the roof for your new go-to fall cooking technique.

Making Seattle Hot Dogs in My Childhood Home!

We made the ballpark favorite with the amazing new homeowners in snohomish, washington.

5 Compound Butter Recipes That Will Make Any Meal Butter

Sweet and savory flavors for spreading, dipping, or melting.

9 Tricks to Get Your Picky Eaters to Try Anything

“Ice cream” for breakfast, dinosaur sandwiches, and more sneaky tips.

8 Kitchen Hacks to Help You Work Smarter, Not Harder

Use our favorite stasher bags to pop popcorn, freeze diy smoothie packs, make bagged salads, and more!

4 Fast, Easy & Super Flavorful Weeknight Recipes

Use our shortcut spice set for delicious dinners in a flash, ranging from to chili-garlic noodles to jerk shrimp & corn.

Our Weeknight Pick-Me-Up Cooking Playlist

A mix of our faves and songs curated by cravings followers!

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