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Tips & Tricks

30 Mother’s Day Gifts for Moms with Good Taste

Pamper mom with fun kitchen tools, luxurious loungewear, and special little treats that you may want to buy for yourself, too.

How to Make Stunning Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

Surprisingly simple and so pretty that you won’t want to break into them.

How to Throw a Fun Afternoon Tea Party—with a Twist

A more fun, less fancy version of afternoon tea.

4 Easy Dips, Marinades, Condiments & Dressings to Amp Up Every Meal

Spice up everyday cooking with these simple-but-flavorful recipes.

The Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For People You Love (Including Yourself)

A little bit of romance, a little bit of kitsch.

6 Underrated Types of Citrus to Try ASAP

What to buy, dishes to make, and how to keep your fruit fresh!

Our Top Tips & Hacks to Make Perfect Cake Pops Every Time

You’ll be a total cake pop star.

Pare Down Your Pantry to These Essential Ingredients

The spices, condiments, dry goods, and secret weapons we reach for almost every day.

6 Kitchen Tools That Deserve a Spot in Your Drawer

Declutter and make room for these time-savers and multi-taskers.

Dirty Healthy Meals to Add to Your Rotation

Chrissy-style twists on kinda-healthy eating.

The Easy Meal Prep Plan That You’ll ACTUALLY Do

With craveable, not-boring dishes to mix-and-match for lunches and dinners all week.

5 Perfect Bites for Your New Year's Eve Party

One-bite appetizers from chrissy, john, pepper, adeena, luna, and miles!

4 Air Fryer Shortcuts for Our Fave Thanksgiving Dishes

When the oven is in high demand, air fry your way to everything from the crispiest shallot topping to a whole juicy roast chicken.

The Curious Cooks Holiday Gift Guide

No matter what level of cook you’re shopping for, these gifts will make them excited to get in the kitchen.

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