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6 Kitchen Tools That Deserve a Spot in Your Drawer

6 Kitchen Tools That Deserve a Spot in Your Drawer

Open that drawer in the kitchen. You know the one. Filled with all the random utensils and tools you’ve accumulated over the years—including that potato masher that makes the drawer stick—that you’ve been meaning to clean out. Now’s the time! We’re not saying you have to get rid of everything in there, but scale back to the things you actually use all the time…and a few multi-tasking tools that are worth the space they take up. We’ve selected a handful of our favorite kitchen heroes that will help make everyday cooking easier.


1. Garlic Press


One of Chrissy’s all-time favorite kitchen gadgets for making a tedious task quick. With a garlic press, you don’t even have to peel the garlic—just put it inside the press, squeeze, and instantly minced garlic! This one even has a tool built-in to push out the papery garlic skin and anything that didn’t make it through the grates for easy cleanup.


2. Silicone Spatula


Whether you’re scrambling eggs in a nonstick pan, scraping the excess cake batter from the side of a bowl, or folding an airy meringue together, a silicone spatula is a must. Ours has a stainless steel core so it’s stronger, but the silicone is also heat-resistant so you don’t burn yourself when you leave it in the pan too long. (The spatula comes in a set with two different spoons and a silicone brush, as well.)


3. Julienne Peeler


Want to get perfectly thin-cut julienned vegetables every time? Use a julienne peeler to do the work for you. It works great for making elegant little strips of carrot and cucumber for salads and slaws, potatoes for hash browns, and zucchini for a shorter style of “zoodle.” The blade is sharp and zig-zag shaped, so be sure to cut the rounded bottom off of what you’re julienning so it can lay flat on the cutting board as you peel.


4. Cookie Scoop


A spring-loaded cookie scoop can make perfectly portioned cookies that bake evenly…but it can also do the same if you’re making muffins, baked egg bites, or even pancakes on the griddle. Or ice cream. Whatever you’re in the mood for. A cheat sheet for cookie scoop sizes: a #60 (small) holds 2 teaspoons and yields a 2-inch diameter cookie; #40 (medium) holds 1 ½–2 tablespoons and yields a 2 ¾-inch diameter cookie; #20 (large) holds 3 tablespoons, yields a 3 ½-inch diameter cookie, and is best for cupcakes and muffins.


5. Bench Scraper


A bench scraper is ideal for baking, including portioning pieces of dough without needing a knife, measuring how long a piece of dough is, and cleaning up your cutting board or prep surface when there are little bits of leftover dough stuck to it. But our everyday use for it is a scooper! Its flat surface can hold a lot of chopped onion to transfer to a skillet or a bowl, or even separate prepped veggies for a salad. 


6. Pastry Brush


Brushing on egg wash for biscuits, glazing grilled meats, or slathering on garlic butter for garlic bread: a pastry brush can do it all. And the silicone material of ours is easy to wash by hand or just toss into the dishwasher to really make sure it’s squeaky clean.

This richly colored knife block is the low-profile, high-quality answer to storing every knife you need in the kitchen. Chrissy designed this 8-piece set based on the knives she and John use every day, so the ashwood block is filled with exactly what you need (including a cleaver!), and nothing you don't. Each stainless steel blade is taper ground to stay sharp. The ashwood handles feature a full-tang (meaning the metal runs through the handle) for easy control—and a damn good dice.
Prepping veggies, slicing steak, cubing cold butter for baking—with this Chop-Everything Wooden Cutting Board and Chrissy’s Go-To Santoku Knife on hand, you’re ready for anything. The ideal gift for friends, family, and that one friend who has you stumped every holiday season. Gift as a set or individually.
Versatile sheet pans are essential for everyone, but this sparkling champagne gold set will make your kitchen shine a little brighter. The oversized sheet pan (20"x14") is ideal for making a nice big pizza or a sheet pan dinner for the whole family; a 15"x10" cookie sheet can make a dozen cookies or a tray of roasted vegetables; and a 13"x10" baking pan is just screaming for a cake. The best part? The nonstick surface makes for super easy cleanup!
This deep, preseasoned cast iron pan is your one-stop shop for making perfect family-style meals packed with flavor. Large enough for one-pot meals, like chicken over a bed of potatoes, it can also fry up a whole lot of bacon, sear a few steaks perfectly, or bake a crusty pizza. Naturally nonstick for no-fuss cleanup Unlike most cast iron, seasoning (the process of baking oil into the pan) is not required Glass lid is tempered and can handle a 350°F oven

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