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Tips & Tricks

The Easy Meal Prep Plan That You’ll ACTUALLY Do

With craveable, not-boring dishes to mix-and-match for lunches and dinners all week.

5 Perfect Bites for Your New Year's Eve Party

One-bite appetizers from chrissy, john, pepper, adeena, luna, and miles!

Chrissy's Top 5 Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

The tried-and-true, must-have dishes every. Single. Year.

Alllll of Our Favorite Potato Recipes

From classic mashed potatoes to perfecting the hasselback, here are 14 ways to spruce up your spuds.

4 Fast, Easy & Super Flavorful Weeknight Recipes

Use our shortcut spice set for delicious dinners in a flash, ranging from to chili-garlic noodles to jerk shrimp & corn.

18 Refreshing Recipes Perfect for Summer

Aka what to whip up when you need to cool down from the hot summer heat.

The Best Vegetables for Grilling

Use this as a cheat sheet to grill allll the vegetables, and check out our favorite grilled veg recipes.

14 Family-Friendly Recipes for Father's Day

Easy, delicious meals for anytime of day that the whole family will enjoy.

Make a Thai Noodle Bar at Home!

With all of pepper's favorite recipes, this is way better than takeout.

How to Throw a Legendary Breakfast Bash

Kick off your morning with recipes that both adults and kids will love.

The Perfect Summer Kickoff Al Fresco Dinner Party Menu

Transport yourself to the mediterranean with light-and-bright food on a breezy evening.

15 Delicious & Light Springtime Recipes

How to make the most of the freshest produce before summer hits.

Why a Braiser Is Your Secret Weapon for One-Pot Meals

Get to know this super-versatile pot and all the recipes you can make in it.

23 Mother's Day Brunch Recipes for Every Type of Mom

Whether she's classic, fancy, has a sweet tooth, or likes boozy brunch—we've got ideas for you.

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