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Make a Thai Noodle Bar at Home!

Make a Thai Noodle Bar at Home!

With gatherings slowly re-entering our lives, it’s safe to say a lot of us are excited to entertain again. If you’re feeling semi-rusty in the kitchen or overwhelmed with where to start, have no fear. We’ve got fresh party recipe ideas and new tabletop pieces that will help you entertain any time, any day, and for any occasion.


Next time you're thinking about ordering in for friends, don't! Instead, skip the takeout menu and look to Pepper’s Thai favorites to create your own Thai noodle bar right at home. Nothing will impress your friends more than homemade versions of seemingly impossible-to-replicate Thai classics. Take it from Pepper: “It’s so easy, you can do it!" Entertaining tip: Use pinch bowls for garnishes like chopped chiles and cilantro so your guests can customize their bowls—and turn up the heat, if they dare.




This regional (Korat-style) Pad Thai that has a thicker sauce and is a bit on the sweeter side. Chrissy and the fam eat it at least twice a week for lunch or dinner (or even as a snack), but it never lasts long. Make an overflowing serving bowl full of it.





This papaya salad is refreshing, a little spicy (or a lot spicy, depending on how many chiles you add), just the right amount of salty, and a Teigen family favorite for a reason. A platter of it will disappear fast.


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Whether you are doing a low-carb thing or just want to make vegetables seem more enticing, try glazing roasted Brussels sprouts in a pad thai–inspired caramel. They are crispy, salty-sweet, and you may not even miss the noodles.


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This is the ultimate set for creating clean-out-the-fridge meals. Aside from just stir-frying, the Teigen-Legend fam uses the wok and spider strainer for deep-frying and big-batch sautéing. Big enough for a pound of noodles Bundled with wooden tongs and a spider strainer Steam, serve, and store, all using a tempered glass lid.

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