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We Made Raspberry Cheesecake Lolli-Pop Tarts!

We Made Raspberry Cheesecake Lolli-Pop Tarts!

Since you guys loved the chocolate balloon bowls video, John and I thought it'd be fun to show you another kid-friendly recipe. Inspired by @Aww.Sam, these sweet treats are super cute and colorful, plus something the whole family can enjoy! My favorite part is definitely the toppings - I went all out and used cereal marshmallows, 3 different cereals, cinnamon Teddy Grahams, and of course, every kind of sprinkle you can imagine (I'm obsessed). You can totally have them plain or be like us and load on all the toppings, it's up to you! I used store-bought pie dough because I'm still recovering and have kids (and didn't feel like making it), but if you're up for the challenge, try making the dough from scratch. I suck at making dough, but my Streusel Pie recipe is foolproof. So, give these a try - I promise they won't be as messy as the balloon bowls!!




A fun take on a classic childhood snack.
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