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How to Throw a Legendary Breakfast Bash

How to Throw a Legendary Breakfast Bash

With gatherings slowly re-entering our lives, it’s safe to say a lot of us are excited to entertain again. If you’re feeling semi-rusty in the kitchen or overwhelmed with where to start, have no fear. We’ve got fresh party recipe ideas and new tabletop pieces that will help you entertain any time, any day, and for any occasion.


The best part of waking up for almost everyone is breakfast. So why not throw a party first thing in the morning (or, well, maybe mid-morning brunch...) with eggcellent recipes that adults and little ones will both love. These recipes are easy to prep in advance, designed for sharing, and can be made in large batches. Make one main dish and supplement with fruit and cereal, or make the whole menu for an impressive spread that'll look gorgeous on a platter. And, above all else, don't forget the coffee!




If you are intimidated by making eggs benny at home, don't be. This microwave method makes hollandaise so much easier, and we have a hack for poaching a bunch of eggs at once. Try this so you can have a five-star brunch at home in your pajamas.




Pancakes are always delicious, but sometimes we prefer crepes, which are similar in flavor but thinner and lighter—aka you can eat a few in the morning and still enjoy the rest of your day without feeling overstuffed. Go sweet with lemon, butter, and sugar, or make them savory with ham, cheese, and a sunny egg.




Wash down breakfast with a deliciously sweet, make-you-wired coffee. Sweetened condensed milk is the key to a creamy and delightful drink.



Bacon is great as-is, but it's even better with garlic. Really, everything is better with garlic. Oven-roasting—not frying or microwaving—is the key to that delicious crispy crunch (minus the mess!) every time.



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