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Making Seattle Hot Dogs in My Childhood Home!

Making Seattle Hot Dogs in My Childhood Home!

I was sooo excited to be back home in Snohomish, Washington! I spent most of my teen years here and the stories...oh dear, the stories. While John was in Seattle on tour I thought it would be so cool to visit my old house. I had been there before, but this time I wanted to go inside! I had no idea if the new homeowners would be okay with that. Not only were they okay with it, they were the best! Mom and I brought over some flowers, a giant lobster tail from Public Market, and ingredients to make a Seattle Hot Dog in their kitchen. We reminisced and had an amazing time! They came to John's show after and it was such a fun day. Thank you so much Erika and Dave for opening up your (my) home to us!


P.S. Check out my Spicy Seattle Hot Dog recipe here.


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