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My Evening Ritual: Night Eggs

How to get the perfect peel.

If there is one food I have formed a true dependency on, it's my night eggs. It started as a healthy “snack” to cure my midnight cravings, but now they’ve become a part of my evening ritual and I can’t go to bed without eating them. And no, these are not some "out-of-the-ordinary-overly-complicated" eggs, they are just plain and simple hard boiled eggs. BUT, when prepared right, they are so creamy and soft and delicious. I like my yolks to be a little on the softer side, but feel free to cook however you like them, sprinkle a little generous amounts of salt and pepper, and enjoy!!

1. Fill a medium pot with enough water to cover your eggs.


2. Add a tablespoon vinegar or baking soda.


3. Bring water to a boil. As soon as water is boiling, shut the burner off and put a lid on.


4. Set timer for 8 minutes if you like eggs soft, 10 minutes for medium, and 12 for cooked all the way through.


5. Set aside a bowl of ice water to put eggs in to cool for 3 minutes.


6. Peel the eggs (press and roll - it works!).


7. Cut in half, season with salt and pepper, and enjoy!


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