Potatoes have the power to make any meal infinitely better. No matter how they’re prepared—crispy oven-roasted, creamy mashed, or cheesy twice-baked—they remain one of Chrissy’s all-time favorite foods. With Thanksgiving dinner right around the corner, we’ve decided to round up all eight of her potato-centric recipes on the site for you to choose from. Once you try one (or two… or three…) of these recipes for the holidays, you’ll probably want to add them to your everyday dinner routines after that, too.

1. Buttery and Creamy and Crispy, Oh My: Yukon Smashed Potatoes with Crispy Shallots

Mashed potatoes, when prepared properly, can yield the most indulgent results. The key to getting the texture thick and silky is by adding cream and butter. (Don’t be shy here!) Take it to a whole new level by adding crispy fried shallots on top. The secret to this recipe? You can crisp shallots in the microwave and save yourself the hassle of deep-frying. 

2. A Smash Hit: Smashed Red Potatoes

If the above sounds too decadent for your liking, try these smashed potatoes instead. The tangy cream cheese balances out the richness from the butter, and Lawry’s seasoning introduces some salty spice that gives ordinary mashed potatoes a total makeover.

3. Spice Up Your Spuds: Patatas Bravas

Speaking of spice, this recipe embodies all that potatoes should be: Creamy, spicy, and crispy. Think of these as the best home fries of your life, with a boldly flavored aioli that will make you forget all about ketchup. Hot tip: Don’t overcrowd the pan when frying! This will prevent individual taters from getting super crispy. 

4. A Cut Above the Rest: Hasselback Potatoes

This one is a total stunner, and we promise it’s not as difficult as it looks to slice your potatoes in Hasselback style. The trick is to use a chopstick as a stopper to prevent cutting all the way through the potato. When baked, the thinly sliced outside gets alllll crispy while the inside remains super light and fluffy.  

5. Double the Cheese, Double the Fun: Twiced Baked, Two Cheese Potatoes

The key to a perfect baked potato is twofold: Always have enough cheese to cover the entire potato, and always bake your potatoes twice. While we don’t make up the rules, what we do know is that baking a potato once tenderizes the inside, while the second round gets the skin super crispy and cheese ooey-gooey. Chrissy’s secret? Adding a splash of fish sauce to add saltiness and umami that doesn’t actually taste like fish.

6. French Fries & Ketchup, Who?: Fingerling Potatoes & Homemade Aioli

Fingerling potatoes make for a fancier french fry, due to their varied shapes and smaller size, which cook and crisp faster! Plus, anything dipped in a creamy homemade aioli is guaranteed to be delicious. To achieve prime crispiness in the oven, preheat the sheet pan in the oven before starting to cook the potatoes, which will give them a head start on getting the skin all golden brown. 

7. The Comfiest of Comfort Foods: Two-Tone Potato Gratin

Gratin, which translates to anything layered with tons of cream and cheese, is about as cozy as a dish can get. While not exclusive to potatoes (you can make it with onions, zucchini, spinach, broccoli, or cauliflower), we’d argue that potatoes are the best veggie to use since they can absorb the cream without losing their texture.

8. Chrissy’s Last Meal: Pepper’s Scalloped Potatoes

Last, and certainly not least, is Pepper’s scalloped potatoes. Loaded with crispy bacon and thick cut ham, with a crispy outside that’s near-impossible to not pick at, Chrissy swears by this dish… so much so that if she had to choose her last meal, this would be it.