Cravings | Everyday Stainless Steel Saucepan

Everyday Stainless Steel Saucepan


A good saucepan will take you from mac n’ cheese night to chili night and every bowl of oatmeal in between. Essential.


  • Sturdy stainless steel is a pro at retaining heat (important)
  • The gold accents bring that touch of glamour you’ve been searching for
  • Called a saucepan, but has been known to make killer boxed mac n’ cheese
Add to Cart — $36.00

The Perfect Jammy Soft-Boiled Egg

  • Start with two of the very best eggs you can find (organic eggs from pasture-raised hens typically produce the most vibrant orange yolks).
  • Gently lower in the eggs using a spoon, cover, return to a rolling simmer, and cook for 6 minutes. (Use a timer! Subtract 30 seconds for extra runny!)
  • Use a spoon to carefully remove eggs and submerge in ice water—or run under cold water for 30 seconds—to stop the cooking. Peel, cut open, and season with salt and pepper.

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