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Shop The Perfect Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix-3 Pack
The Perfect Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix-3 Pack
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Turns out, the perfect cookie does exist. Made with fudge-y, melty, semi-sweet chocolate, sea salt, and a hint of vanilla flavor, this mix takes the classic chocolate chip cookie to the next level! Just add an egg and butter to this do-it-all mix and you’re golden. Bake ‘em up and watch all (or most) of your problems melt away with each bite. Chrissy’s pro tip: Brown your butter before adding to the mix (instructions on the box)!

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Not a pro? No problem! Give our baking mixes a try and you'll be hooked.

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It's all about keeping it real, right? Decadent yet nonGMO, Kosher, and with no artificial ingredients or preservatives.

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Good food is all about bringing us together and making those moments extra special. The joy of food creates community.

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