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Everyday Family Pan

Regular price $78.00

This deep, preseasoned cast iron pan is your one-stop shop for making perfect family-style meals packed with flavor. Large enough for one-pot meals, like chicken over a bed of potatoes, it can also fry up a whole lot of bacon, sear a few steaks perfectly, or bake a crusty pizza.

  • Naturally nonstick for no-fuss cleanup
  • Unlike most cast iron, seasoning (the process of baking oil into the pan) is not required
  • Glass lid is tempered and can handle a 350°F oven

Cast Iron Pizza

By using direct high heat from two directions (hot pan on bottom, broiler on top), these pizzas cook in 1 to 2 minutes. The recipe is enough for multiple pies; the best way is to make one, watch it disappear in seconds, then make another and repeat so you’re always eating fresh, piping-hot, crispy-edged pizza. Get the recipe.