Donabe-Style Claypot

One of Japan’s oldest cooking vessels, donabes are great for all your one-pot meal needs. The ceramic construction builds heat slowly but retains it efficiently, so be patient as you wait for it to heat up—and make sure to never heat your pot when empty since it can crack without oil or food inside. The heavy lid traps moisture, creating continuous basting that tenderizes your favorite foods, whether you’re cooking meat, plant-based protein, or veggies. Use your donabe for slow cooking, rice, soups, stews, pasta, chili, steaming, braising, and more. You can go directly from an open flame to up to a 350°F oven to the table with your claypot, making for a beautiful centerpiece and a super versatile new favorite pot.
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DetailsCare & Use
  • Crafted from flame-proof ceramic stoneware
  • Round lid retains heat and circulates moisture, ensuring tender and flavorful results
  • Features a lead-free reactive glaze finish that adds unique artisanal style