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Chill Out, We’ve Got Robes Now

Chill Out, We’ve Got Robes Now

It’s no secret that Chrissy is obsessed with robes. And honesty, we get it. Comfortable, chic, and effortless, wrapping yourself in a cozy robe and matching fuzzy slippers is a whole new level of WFH attire. (Step aside, sweatsuits). But finding a chic, well-made, and long-lasting robe is hard to come by these days, which is why Chrissy set out to make not one, but FOUR different robe styles designed for ultimate comfort all day, every day. From plush, hotel-style robes to fur-lined floral beauties, CHILL by Cravings has a robe to match all vibes and sizes. Get to know all of the robes in our lineup below, with details on how each one feels, what mood it’s best for, and—most importantly—what to cook while wearing it.

Ultimate Floral Robe



Pictured: Ultimate Floral Robe, $78 and Headband, $18 in Night Flowers; Squishy Hotel Slippers in Cotton Candy, $32


Inspired by Chrissy's favorite floral robes, this is the robe with the most personality. The texture is so silky smooth, it feels like you’re wearing nothing at all. But don’t worry—the sizing is generous (from XS to 5X for all robes) so you have room to move around, and ties are very secure so you won’t accidentally flash anyone. There are three different patterns depending on the type of flowers you’re into: a pop of pink with nice greenery, night flowers for jewel tones, and in bloom for big, beautiful ones. This robe will make you look and feel fabulous, whether you’re having a lazy night on the couch, being productive organizing the closet, or cooking a four-course meal. And to really get into chill mode, tie your hair up with a matching floral hair tie.


Effortless with a hint of flare, this robe pairs best with our spicy miso pasta. Fun fact: The sleeves have a button to pin them up so they aren't dragging into your creamy pasta sauce while you cook and eat.


Everyday Linen Robe



Pictured: Everyday Linen Robe in Rice Pudding, $88; Ultimate Floral Headband in In Bloom, $18; Squishy Hotel Slippers in Cotton Candy, $32


Meet your everyday, every season robe. It’s warm enough to keep you comfortable in the winter, yet not so heavy that you will feel stifled in warmer weather. It drapes across the body nicely in a way that can make you look effortlessly put together, whether you just stepped out of the shower, are busy making dinner, or you decide to work in it all day at your desk (just remember to turn your camera off on Zoom). There are three shades of neutral tones (cheesecake, rice pudding, and pale peach) to choose from, as well as pistachio and rosewater if you like a pop of color. They also have buttons to pin your sleeves up while cooking, so are perfect for the kitchen.


Make something sweet and comforting in your linen robe: creamy rice pudding (whether you choose that color or not).


Basic B*tch Robe



Pictured: Basic B*tch Robe, $62; Hair Wrap Towel in Cotton Candy, $18; Squishy Hotel Slippers in Raspberry, $32


Imagine the best hotel robe, but waaaay less bulky. This super soft and cozy yet lightweight terry robe is the perfect loungewear piece, providing you ultimate comfort and style whenever you need it most. It’s unisex so anyone can and should wear it, with a little flair from an embroidered “CHILL” on it to remind you to calm the eff down, take a bath, and light some candles. Wearing it’s like a trip to the spa—especially when paired with a matching hair wrap towel or scrunchies—but it can all happen in the comfort in your own home. Besides, if you’re going to be a basic b*tch, you might as well look cute doing it. 


While wearing a basic b*tch robe, make and eat some light, bright, and refreshing Chinese chicken salad summer rolls.


Fur-Lined Floral Robe



Pictured: Ultimate Fur-Lined Floral Robe, $88 and Headband, $18 in Pop of Pink; Squishy Hotel Slippers in Sea Salt, $32


All dressed up with nowhere to go? No problem. This (faux) fur silky robe makes every occasion (or no occasion!) feel a little fancier. You might as well slip on some heels, pour yourself a glass of wine, and put on some music. Dancing in this luxurious robe will transport you to a night on the town, and is ideal for a date night in when you don’t want to wear anything with a zipper.


An elevated look calls for an elevated dish, like Chrissy’s fancified egg-in-a-hole with creamy mushroom sauce. It’s great for breakfast, lunch, brunch, or brinner. 


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