Cravings | Braise-the-Roof 5QT Enamel Braiser

Braise-the-Roof 5QT Enamel Braiser

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The braiser is your secret weapon for everything from fall-apart-tender braised short ribs to the coziest pot of soup. It is a bit more shallow than a Dutch oven with a wider base and sloped sides for more cooking surface area. Its large capacity is great for making big batches of anything and everything—whether a pot of spicy miso pasta or just boiling vegetables—and it can go from stovetop to oven to table for cooking and serving. A textured inner lid helps redistribute moisture back into whatever you're cooking, basically self-basting meat as it cooks. A lazy cook's dream. Pick your color based on your home's vibe: black cherry (a deep, moody red) or slate for a nice neutral grey.

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DetailsCare & Use
  • Cast iron construction retains heat evenly
  • Easy-to-clean porcelain enamel finish provides durability and PFOA-free nonstick abilities
  • Gold-accented lid has integrated self-basting tips for higher quality moisture recirculation
  • 5-quart capacity