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Trip to Italy

Trip to Italy

This year was the first time we went as a family foursome. As the couple who loves to do nothing on vacation, we surprisingly did everything on this trip. We recreated the first pasta I ever learned to cook (yes, I went to cooking school!) and hunted for truffles (well, I slept through some of it). Mom, A.K.A @pepperthai2, had her own little adventure through Florence rating everything from gelato to Italian men (her rating system may or may not be questionable). Viva Italia - is this what people say?!


So obviously we needed to document this momentous occasion. Aside from the intentional carb load, this is everything else that happened!



On vacation, John and I are infamous for being that couple who loves to do noooothing (none of the tourist stuff) but we will make a few exceptions. Tuscany is one of the best-known places for truffle production, so we had to go black summer-truffle hunting during our stay--especially with Toons! I might have fallen asleep in the forest, but it was worth it for the three-course truffle meal we were awarded with after.



Not a lot of people will believe this but I actually went to cooking school, and the FIRST pasta dish I made was the Raviolo al’ Uovo. Imagine one giant ravioli filled with a runny egg yolk, ricotta, and spinach - cut it open with a fork and it's literal food porn. Chef Rosanna Passione taught us how to recreate it and I could not have been happier.



We have a pizza oven at home, but don't know how to use it so we (or just John) took some lessons from Chef Luca. Yes, I like the crust crispy, almost burnt and the cheese just melting right off. UUGGGGH more carbs, but so worth it.



Mom disappeared for a couple of hours, only to find out that she went around and rated all of Florence. Her standards are still unclear, but definitely trustworthy(?). If the Michelin Guide ever needs someone, Mom is available.



John wanted to make me something special for our final Tuscan dinner, so he and Chef Luca made crispy, juicy fried meatballs…which is actually how we all felt like by the end. Italy = carb load and meat load, but you have to!




Before the 90 Day Fiancé obsession, I was obsessed with Four Weddings. We were bored in Tuscany with too much time on our hands, so I forced everyone to recreate it with me. UNSCRIPTED. Just don't ask me how many times we shot the car scene.

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