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Chrissy & Pepper’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Chrissy & Pepper’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is one of those holidays that I appreciate, but I kind of already celebrate every day. I live with my mom, Pepper, and we are lucky get to spend so much time with Toons and Miles. But for this special day, we put together some gifts for anyone you might want to show a little extra love to, whether you’re physically close or sending from afar. There are some new items from the Cravings shop that we are already so obsessed with—like face crystals, Stasher bags with fun designs, and mom’s cookbook!—plus some sweet treats, self-care essentials, and a funny nap pillow that will help block out the noise of the world for a little while. And because we love our pups, there’s even a section for dog moms in case you don’t have...human kids? You can buy them for yourself and say it’s “from Petey.”


Most of these gifts are from smaller businesses, so please be patient with them and shipping. Trust me, it’ll be worth the wait.


This gift guide is presented in collaboration with our friends at PayPal. Thanks to them, you can buy now and pay later in four interest-free payments with Pay in 4 on qualifying purchases in the Cravings shop. Learn more here.


For the Chrissy in Your Life


Tea Drops Strawberry Shortcake Tea


I love this dessert in tea form! It’s actually a multi-berry shortcake, and tastes like strawberries, blueberries, and tart cherries mixed with whipped cream. It can be drunk any time of day or night since it’s caffeine free, and the best part is that each drop is shaped like a little sparkly heart. Buy strawberry shortcake tea at Tea Drops for $15.30.


Celeste Face Crystals

Nova Kaplan, one of my makeup artists and close friends, is the person responsible for my face crystal obsession. She helped design the entire CRYSTALS by Cravings collection, which you can wear as shown or separately as single accent pieces. The new Celeste pattern is iridescent and can be worn in pieces for an accent or the whole thing for shining your brightest. Buy Celeste Face Crystals in the Cravings shop for $14.


KNC Beauty Kiss My Lips Masks

Made with clean ingredients designed to plump, hydrate, and smooth lips, this lip mask also SO much fun to wear! So get your phone ready to snap a bunch of selfies. If you're gifting this to someone, make sure to buy yourself one, too, for a dual self-care day. Buy the five-pack of lip masks at KNC Beauty for $25.


Terry Hair Wrap Towel in Rosewater

For drying hair in style while keeping hands free to cook, queue a new TV show up to binge-watch, or do at at-home manicure. And there's an embroidered "chill" logo on the side for bathroom mirror selfies, ideally paired with a matching robe. Buy the terry hair wrap towel in Rosewater in the Cravings shop for $18.


Bumpin Blends Cookie Dough Smoothie Cubes


Being a mom has taught me convenience is KEY, which is why I’m obsessed with these frozen smoothie cubes! You just pop one into the blender with your choice of milk (almond or oat is great here, since they’re dairy- and gluten-free anyway) and you’ve got a smoothie in seconds. This is one of my favorite flavors, which tastes JUST like an oatmeal cookie. It has dates for natural sweetness and hidden chickpeas for protein. You could even give this to your kids as dessert and they’d never know. Buy a seven-pack of mix-and-match flavors at Bumpin Blends for $88.


Jungalow Peach Fringed Coasters

These beautiful coasters are handcrafted in Rwanda and made of woven sweet grass and dyed sisal fiber. They add a beautiful pop of color to any coffee table, so you might not even want to cover them with a glass! They come in an assortment of colors so you can pick the one best for the mom in your life. Buy the set of four coasters at Jungalow for $40.


Thai Mom Favorites


Pepper's Wok & Tool Set

This wok is ideal for stir-frying, deep-frying, or sautéing with a deep, wide surface for holding a lot of food at once. It's Yai’s go-to pan for her famous Korat-style pad thai, and includes her essential tools: a spider strainer and 12" wooden tongs! Buy Pepper's Wok & Tool Set in the Cravings shop for $72, or four payments of $18 with PayPal.


Omsom Asian Starters Bundle

I love cooking with bold Asian flavors, but sometimes it’s hard to keep all the ingredients I need for every dish around. Omsom, started by two Vietnamese American sisters, collaborated with chefs to create “starters” with all the essential sauces, condiments, and base ingredients for iconic Asian dishes. This set includes Vietnamese lemongrass BBQ, Thai larb, Filipino sisig, Japanese yuzu misoyaki, Korean spicy bulgogi, and Chinese mala salad. You can use them with any protein (chicken, beef, pork, fish) or even veggies and tofu. Buy the set of 12 starters bundle at Omsom for $55.


Essential 8-Piece Slim Knife Block

This knife block has everything you need to slice, dice, and prep anything, but is slim so it doesn’t take up too much counter space and is seriously stunning. It features a cleaver, the newest knife in the Cravings collection (and Yai's favorite), as well as my go-to 7" santoku knife, 8" chef's knife, 8" bread knife, 8" carving knife, 5" utility knife, and 3.5" paring knife. Buy the Essential 8-Piece Slim Knife Block in the Cravings shop for $98, or four payments of $24.50 with PayPal.


Ostrichpillow Original Napping Pillow

Finally, a pillow designed for people who would like to temporarily block out the entire world. This cocoon-like design blocks out light and is so comfortable to slip into and snooze—whether it’s at home, at your desk, or on a plane. Buy the Original Napping Pillow at Ostrichpillow for $99.


Soft Terry Robe

Pepper loves relaxing in this robe, which is like the best hotel robe—but way less bulky. In case she forgets the mood a robe should set, it has "chill" embroidered on the back, which is a nice reminder to not let anyone bother her with unnecessary questions. Buy the terry robe in the Cravings Shop for $62, or four payments of $15.50 with PayPal.


Vesta Chocolate Mother's Day Jewel Bonbons


Have you ever seen chocolate so beautiful you almost don’t want to eat it? Well, these jewel bonbons will do it for you. The husband-and-wife duo behind Vesta Chocolate in New Jersey crafted stunning chocolates in artisanal flavors inspired by their moms. There are citrusy, tangy, and creamy notes based on dishes from their moms’ Dominican and South Korean roots, including Morir Soñando (orange creamsicle) and Daanpaat (sweet red bean). Buy the Mother's Day Jewel Bonbons at Vesta Chocolate for $24.


Cookbook Corner


The Pepper Thai Cookbook


What better way to celebrate moms than with mom's cookbook?! Most of the recipes are inspired by her Thai roots and my favorite recipes from growing up, like chicken satay, "bow-thai" see ew, and pad thai Brussels sprouts. Buy The Pepper Thai Cookbook in the Cravings shop for $28.




This cookbook is the definition of fun and colorful. Each recipe is more bold and flavorful than the next, and it's really special that the author, Priya Krishna, wrote this with her mom. It’s hard to pick favorites, but the tomato rice with crispy cheddar, saag feta, and roti pizza are all wonderful. Buy Indian-ish in the Cravings shop for $28.


Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat


Author Samin Nosrat (who also has a brilliant Netflix show of the same name) has an approachable style to educating people about the fundamentals of cooking and seasoning food with salt, fat, acid, and heat. If your mom is fumbling in the kitchen, let Samin be her guide to turning even the basics into a culinary masterpiece. Buy Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat in the Cravings shop for $37, or four payments of $9.25 with PayPal.


Amá: A Modern Tex-Mex Kitchen


Every recipe found in Amá, Chef Josef Centeno’s cookbook named after his LA restaurant, is warm and inviting, family-friendly, and also happens to be insanely delicious. It’s Tex-Mex cuisine with flavors that are just as bold as they are comforting. His breakfast tacos give John’s breakfast sandwiches a run for their money! Buy Amá: A Modern Tex-Mex Kitchen in the Cravings shop for $29.


American Sfoglino


Evan Funke, the chef-owner of amazing Italian restaurant Felix in LA, is a sfoglino, aka a master of fresh pasta. After reading this cookbook, you can be, too! This beautiful book shows you how to make the perfect pasta dough from scratch, step by step, and transform it into many dishes you may have never tried before that will become staples in your kitchen. Buy American Sfoglino in the Cravings shop for $35, or four payments of $8.75 with PayPal.


From the Kids


Blondery Variety Box of Blondies


I’ve been really loving sweets lately, and kids will love to give mom sugary treats that they can enjoy, too. This megapack will feed the whole family with four different flavors of blondies: birthday cake, pecan and salted caramel, cinnamon sugar, and Brooklyn blackout (which is gluten-free!) They ship frozen, so you can eat some now and save more for later. Buy the Blondery variety box of blondies at Bloomingdale's for $65.


DusenDusen Colorful Printed Cloth Napkins


These playful, pastel-colored, and funky-patterned cloth napkins are so bright and fun that they may make your kids look forward to setting the table—and actually using them to wipe their faces. Plus, they’re durable and reusable for years to come when dinner parties are a thing again. Buy the set of four napkins at DusenDusen for $42.


Luna & Miles' Chocolate Bar Gift Set

Kids and moms alike will enjoy these chocolate bars. Luna's is studded with real pieces of blueberry pancakes and syrup, and Miles' has pieces of my banana bread—both in a white chocolate base. Buy Cravings x Compartés: Luna & Miles' Chocolate Bar Gift Set in the Cravings shop for $26.


Milk Bar Assorted Truffle Box


Christina Tosi is one of the most creative chefs out there, and her iconic truffles are no exception. My favorite is the classic birthday cake, but you really can’t go wrong with any flavor. Just consider yourself warned—you won’t be able to have just one! Buy the assorted truffle box at Milk Bar for $42.


Cravings Reusable Stasher Bags


The practical gift that any mom will love. Silicone Stasher bags are reusable, non-toxic, and great for the environment, not to mention super chic and sleek in design. (Our Cravings designs have some fun puns and illustrations on them!) Not only can you use them to store food, makeup, toiletries, or craft supplies, but you can also freeze and cook in them. Buy Cravings x Stasher Resuable Stasher Bags, Set of 3 in the Cravings shop for $32, or four payments of $8 with PayPal


Don't Forget Dog Moms


Brunch-Themed Dog Toys


Since dogs can’t actually enjoy brunch, why not give them a treat that looks like your favorite dishes? This set of five toys includes avocado toast, eggs Benedict, a croissant, chicken & waffles, and a Bloody Mary. Buy the set of five brunch dog toys at In the Company of Dogs for $49.95.


Wild One Harness Walk Kit

Finally, beautifully designed yet practical dog essential that mom will love. This set includes a super-lightweight harness, a dirt-resistant and waterproof leash, and poop bags that are plant-based and biodegradable. Each set comes in eight fun colors, and the best part is that you can mix and match! This lavender shade is really speaking to me because it kinda matches the Ultraviolet Tie-Dye For Robe. (Sign up for when it comes back in stock!) Buy the harness walk kit at Wild One for $98.


English Bulldog Candle

In honor of my obsession with bulldogs, I present to you these adorable, handmade bulldog-shaped candles. Display them wherever you feel like you can use some more puppy love. Buy the English bulldog candle on Etsy for $13.


Ouai Fur Bébé Shampoo


Jen’s latest creation is nothing short of a masterpiece: a cleansing and hydrating dog shampoo for DOGS. It smells SO good, gets all the dirt out, and comes in a gorgeous package. We love Ouai’s products, and finally your dogs can, too! Plus, a shout out to Schitt’s Creek! Buy the fur bébé shampoo at Ouai for $32.


Avocado Print Matching Pet & Owner Sweatshirts


Kids and their parents match allll the time, so why not match with your pup? This scuba-knit avocado sweatshirt set is both fun and cozy, and you’ll definitely turn heads taking your dog out for a walk. Buy the avocado print matching pet & owner sweatshirts on Etsy for $75, or $30 for just the dog sweater.


Big Spoon Roasters Wag Butter Best Friends Pack


Nothing distracts and delights a dog more than when you fill a toy with peanut butter. This peanut butter from Big Spoon Roasters is made with good-for-pups ingredients: just peanuts, organic chia seeds, and coconut oil! This pack comes with a fancy nut butter for you, too—either peanut or almond butter with wildflower honey & sea salt. BONE appétit! Buy the Wag Butter Best Friends 2-pack at Big Spoon Roasters for $18.50.

This richly colored knife block is the low-profile, high-quality answer to storing every knife you need in the kitchen. Chrissy designed this 8-piece set based on the knives she and John use every day, so the ashwood block is filled with exactly what you need (including a cleaver!), and nothing you don't. Each stainless steel blade is taper ground to stay sharp. The ashwood handles feature a full-tang (meaning the metal runs through the handle) for easy control—and a damn good dice.
Through these 80 recipes, Pepper teaches you how to make all her hits––influenced by Thailand, California, and everywhere in between. No one loves this book more than Chrissy: “I’m SO proud of Yai and all of the hard work she put into making this book come to life. It has all of my favorite recipes that mom used to make for us growing up, like chicken satay and papaya salad, as well as modern twists on classic Thai food like pad thai Brussels sprouts and nam prik moo sloppy joes!
This is the ultimate set for creating clean-out-the-fridge meals. Aside from just stir-frying, the Teigen-Legend fam uses the wok and spider strainer for deep-frying and big-batch sautéing. Big enough for a pound of noodles Bundled with wooden tongs and a spider strainer Steam, serve, and store, all using a tempered glass lid.

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