An Easy-Yet-Impressive Easter Dinner Menu

Making new traditions—with no ham or chocolate eggs involved!

Last Easter, John took over cooking. It was a month into quarantine and I was just so tired of cooking (and tired in general...still am). He made fried chicken, a ranch-y iceberg salad, bok choy, scalloped potatoes, and Stovetop stuffing (obviously)—and then mom randomly also made Thai fried ribs. It was a weird combination of things that no one associates with Easter dinner, but we loved it.

This year, I decided to go a little more traditional. But Easter celebrations don't have to involve cooking a big glazed ham. No disrespect to ham, which is delicious, but I'd rather have lamb chops any day. So this year, why not bend tradition with some new festive recipes that happen to be easy and impressive at the same time? Baby lamb chops are tender, less gamey than some other cuts of lamb, and you can eat them like lollipops (kids even love them!). I don't even call for using an outdoor grill—just use a grill pan (like our Grill-Any-Season Grill Pan) and they cook up in less than 10 minutes.

For dessert, I'm very into pavlova—aka a giant meringue baked on a sheet pan. It is crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside (kinda marshmallow-y), and just the right amount of sweet. Whipped cream and berries on top make it look more festive for springtime celebrations, but I'm gonna make these alllll summer because the ingredients just scream warmer-weather dessert.

And obviously you should make deviled eggs—specifically my spicy ones!—to round out the meal. Check out the menu below, and if you need even more ideas for sides or brunch to kick off the day, check out more Easter recipes here. Now it’s just time to figure out where to hide the Easter eggs and eat way too many chocolate bunnies.

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