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See What Is in Luna's Lunch Menu!

See What Is in Luna's Lunch Menu!

My kids' food journey has had a lot of ups and downs. It's totally normal (they say) for your babies to get picky in the early days. Miles, my little food critic, is highly opinionated when it comes to eating (see his reaction to my Pigs in a Blanket), but we do the best we can! My "hack" for getting Luna to eat a well-rounded meal was to make a lunch menu she could choose from. We named it "Cafe 'Street Where We Live'" (sorry, I love you, I'm not sharing our address, lol). It's filled with her favorites, including fish sticks! I make them homemade (full recipe here), but frozen works, too! Toons and Miles looooove this recipe, and it's nostalgic for me. They’re so golden and crunchy that you’d think they were fried, but GUESS AGAIN--just a little panko breadcrumbs baked at a high temp. Watch the video for a how-to and a peek at her menu (unfortunately we're not Michelin rated...yet).


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