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John’s Valentapas Are a Fun & Delicious Valentine’s Day Dinner!

Including tapas that are bacon-wrapped, cheesy and deep-fried, and garlicky (obviously).

Truth be told, I don’t usually care about Valentine’s Day. It’s more of hopeless romantic (John) who really loves Valentine’s Day, and over the years has managed to get me more and more into it. (I am excited for lots of sweets, candy, and chocolate this year, though—including our new Cravings x Compartés bars!) I will admit, though, there is nothing more romantic, caring, and thoughtful than a homemade meal cooked by the person you love.

But even though the movies always show steak dinners as the ultimate romantic meal, I disagree. I think it's Valentapas, aka a perfect Valentine's Day tapas meal for two. John made me a "Spainniversary" dinner for our last anniversary with these three tapas and paella, so we decided to share a nice grazing menu with you that is easy yet impressive. And hey, even if you're single, you could treat yo self to tapas night, and when it's safe to do so again, it'd make an amazing dinner party with friends.

The Essential 8-Piece Slim Knife Block
The Essential 8-Piece Slim Knife Block

This richly colored knife block is the low-profile, high-quality answer to storing every knife you need in the kitchen. Chrissy designed this 8-piece set based on the knives she and John use every day, so the ashwood block is filled with exactly what you need (including a cleaver!), and nothing you don't. Each stainless steel blade is taper ground to stay sharp. The ashwood handles feature a full-tang (meaning the metal runs through the handle) for easy control—and a damn good dice.

Nonstick Cast Iron Enamel Skillet
Nonstick Cast Iron Enamel Skillet

Cast Iron is the secret to restaurant-quality textures: think crispy fried eggs, perfectly seared steak, and crusty cornbread. It can cook almost anything and will last a lifetime. Naturally nonstick for no-fuss cleanup Use on the stovetop, in the oven, or even over a campfire Unlike most cast iron, seasoning (the process of baking oil into the pan) is not required

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