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Our Weeknight Pick-Me-Up Cooking Playlist

A mix of our faves and songs curated by Cravings followers!

Need a lil' pick-me-up while you're making dinner? Put on our cooking playlist, filled with Team Cravings' favorite songs—and some curated by our followers!—for good vibes in the kitchen. Pairs perfectly with a taco bar with crispy cheese shells.

The Essential 8-Piece Slim Knife Block
The Essential 8-Piece Slim Knife Block

This richly colored knife block is the low-profile, high-quality answer to storing every knife you need in the kitchen. Chrissy designed this 8-piece set based on the knives she and John use every day, so the ashwood block is filled with exactly what you need (including a cleaver!), and nothing you don't. Each stainless steel blade is taper ground to stay sharp. The ashwood handles feature a full-tang (meaning the metal runs through the handle) for easy control—and a damn good dice.

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