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The Perfect Summer Kickoff Al Fresco Dinner Party Menu

Transport yourself to the Mediterranean with light-and-bright food on a breezy evening.

With gatherings slowly re-entering our lives, it’s safe to say a lot of us are excited to entertain again. If you’re feeling semi-rusty in the kitchen or overwhelmed with where to start, have no fear. We’ve got fresh party recipe ideas and new tabletop pieces that will help you entertain any time, any day, and for any occasion.

Summer is just around the corner, so there’s no better time to host a delightful meal al fresco than right now. These refreshing and vibrant Mediterranean-inspired recipes are just as beautiful as they are delicious, and the colorful food contrasts nicely with our mix-and-match plates and bowls. Optional, but encouraged: Open a bottle of wine, sit back, and enjoy as the sun sets.


This creamy, luscious, salty dip is balanced nicely by crunchy veggies (or pita chips, if that's more your speed). Stack a serving bowl on top of a platter to create a fuss-free and beautiful presentation. 

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Roasted fish is one of those foolproof dishes that yields tremendous flavor with every bite. The acidity from the lemons brings major flavor to the entire dish, while the sliced veggies and herbs get all caramelized and juicy. Plus, serving it on a platter makes it look even fancier! 

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Fresh, bright, and lemony, tabbouleh is great alongside fish or grilled chicken. It’s jam-packed with herbs, which not only brightens each bite but also adds major color to your tabletop setup.

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