Our Popcorn Seasonings Can Spice Up More Than Just Kernels

French onion mac and cheese? Birthday cake rice pudding? Endless possibilities!

At-home movie nights have become a staple in many of our homes. There’s no better feeling than ending a loooong work day or having a lazy weekend date night snuggled in a blanket on the couch with an overflowing bowl of popcorn… or is there? You could upgrade that popcorn with a burst of flavor from Cravings’ new popcorn seasonings! The Poppin’ Off Popcorn Kit has five different flavors that are salty, sweet, savory, tangy, and cheesy—even some that mix and match! 

But these aren’t just for popcorn. There are so many ways to incorporate these popcorn seasonings into new recipes and ideas, whether that’s sprinkling onto vegetables before roasting, swirling into dips or desserts, or adding a little somethin’-somethin’ to mac and cheese. Get to know all the popcorn seasonings below, plus some recipes we think they’d pair great with.

Salt & Vinegar


Like your favorite chips—but better! This salty, tangy one-two punch of flavor will satisfy all of your snack cravings at once. After trying on popcorn, try using it in the crust for Luna’s favorite fish sticks or on top of hasselback potatoes. Really, it’d work with any potato: French fries, roasted potatoes, mashed potatoes, you name it!

Birthday Cake


Finally, a socially acceptable way to eat cake batter as a snack. And oh, yeah—there are SPRINKLES! To really double down on the sweet treats, try it swirled into a cream cheese–based dessert dip, on top of a vanilla milkshake, or in creamy rice pudding.

French Onion & Gruyere


The same gooey cheese–topped, caramelized onion soup flavor you love—now in a crunchy snack. Aka the flavor of French onion soup without burning your mouth on molten cheese. Mix into sour cream and mayonnaise for the fastest French onion dip ever, use it to season chicken breasts or pork chops, or try sprinkling some into John’s macaroni and cheese recipe.

Spicy Extra-Cheesy Cheddar


Like true love, it's extra cheesy and a little spicy so you can feel the heat. We don’t want to play favorites, but this is the ideal combo of cheese and heat for a craveable snack. It could also be fun mixed into Easiest Broc & Cheese Calzones, Cheesy Jalapeno Bacon Cornbread, Two-Tone Potato Gratin, or—if you’re crazy enough to go sweet-savory-spicy—the dough for Apple Crumble!

Sweet & A Little Salty Coconut


Think of this seasoning as a tropical escape, one bite at a time. Inspired by Chrissy’s favorite sticky rice, this sweet and salty blend will transport you to a warm island. It’s not as sweet as the birthday cake blend, but sweet enough to do the trick if you are in the mood for dessert. This would also work great in rice pudding, caramelized on top of grilled pineapple, mixed into whipped cream, or stirred into a PB&J Milkshake or Chocolate Pecan Brownies!

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