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Chrissy and Pepper Taste Test Store-Bought Pad Thai

We find out if any supermarket brand can compare to mom’s classic.

The only Pad Thai I'll eat is mom's Pad Thai. I'm lucky that she makes it almost every week with either shrimp, chicken, bacon—or if you're lucky, all three combined—in her regional Korat-style that's a little sweeter with a thicker sauce. On one of our late night grocery runs, we were shocked to see a ton of different packaged versions of Pad Thai, both in the freezer aisle and in meal kits you make yourself. We decided to buy them ALL and do a taste test to see if any of them could come close to how good mom's is, ranked from zero to Pepper Thai. Some of these frozen dishes were shockingly good whereas others... let's just say maybe order takeout if you're not in the mood to make it yourself. Watch the video for my full review, and for those of you asking… check out the pre-made Korat-style Pad Thai here.

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