How to Use Our Chicken Dinner Spice Kit—For More Than Just Chicken!

A classic sheet pan chicken dinner, pizza Bloody Mary, lemony herb crusted fish sticks, and more.

When Chrissy created the Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner Spice Kit, she wanted to give everyone a foolproof way to make roast chicken (and side dishes!) any day of the week. But we get that sometimes you don’t want to make a whole chicken—maybe you just want chicken thighs, or you don’t even eat poultry. So we wanted to walk you through different ways to use the kit, which has different spice blends that complement various roasted vegetables, proteins, salads, and even drinks! 

There are so many combinations to try, like classic chicken pieces and veggies roasted together on a big sheet pan, making garlicky onion herb salmon instead of chicken, or sprinkling any of the seasonings into other dishes. (Spoiler alert: The tomato, garlic, and basil salad dressing seasoning can even be used to make a pizza Bloody Mary!)

Get a rundown of all four spice blends in the Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner Spice Kit below, with some of our new creative ways to use them!



Meet your new secret flavor weapon. This super savory blend—which includes garlic, onion, rosemary, oregano, and thyme—was designed to be used for compound butter or infused oil for roast chicken. But that oil or butter can be used to slather on breadsticks, toss with roasted potatoes, or brush on other proteins for sheet pan meals.



Honey lemon thyme seasoning was made for roasted vegetables, particularly ones that are a little naturally sweet like root veggies. It’s light, herbaceous, slightly acidic, and a touch sweet. When not using it for squash, carrots, or parsnips, we love mixing it into panko breadcrumbs to dredge fish sticks or chicken tenders, which adds a bit of brightness to the breaded dish. This would also work as a sprinkle on top of any fish recipe instead of just salt and pepper. 



This seasoning is like pizza but in salad dressing form. It was made to a flavorful balsamic vinaigrette, but the tomato, garlic, and basil blend can be a standalone seasoning, too! It can truly work wonders in any Italian dish. Add into your favorite tomato sauce for an extra punch of umami, upgrade your chicken Parm, mix into the egg wash for a flavorful coating on a calzone, or rim the glass of your Bloody Mary for a pizza-flavored brunch cocktail. 



Last, but certainly not least, is this balsamic roasted onion seasoning that will perk up any vegetable or salad. Made with vinegar and wine powder—who knew that was a thing?—it is the perfect blend of acidic and sweet. Instead of vinegar, try infusing olive oil with this spice blend for a tangy, onion-y salad dressing best drizzled onto a Caprese salad or roasted vegetables (we recommend Brussels sprouts, asparagus, or green beans).

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