Cravings | The Comfort Cravers Holiday Gift Guide
The Comfort Cravers Holiday Gift Guide

Cozy gift ideas for your favorite homebodies and enthusiastic snackers.

You know the person in your friend group who would rather be at home in their pajamas with a big bowl of popcorn on the couch than out for drinks? We’ve got the best gift ideas for them: new food-printed PJs, a basically-wearable-blanket sherpa robe, cookie dough to eat by the spoonful, Chrissy’s go-to press-on nails for at-home manicures, a personal popcorn popper (with lots of flavorful seasonings), and more gifts your favorite homebody will love. And if you happen to be that friend...say happy early holidays to yourself and pick up a few of these staying-in faves, too.

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