A Dozen Eggcellent Christmas Breakfast Recipes

Santa can’t put these buttery, eggy, cheesy gifts under the tree.

Waking up on Christmas morning is already exciting, because, helloooo, presents under the tree and matching flannel PJs. But it can be made infinitely better with a cozy, comforting Christmas breakfast. Usually all the attention on Christmas food is with feast-worthy dinners and lots of cookies, but we think it’s time to hone in on your breakfast spread. This works to fuel up for the day of cooking and celebrating ahead, especially for those who eat Xmas dinner later in the evening. You can go for something lighter like a grain bowl or oatmeal cacio e pepe, sweet like cardamom coffee buns, or fully-loaded like John’s classic breakfast sandwiches, a stack of crepes, or ham & Swiss hot pockets. Just don’t forget the Thai iced coffee, or you might end up more like a Grinch on Christmas morning.

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