9 Pasta Recipes to Satisfy Any Carb Cravings

From your spicy miso fave to a new veggie-forward twist on lasagna.

The unofficial Cravings motto is: “When in doubt, make pasta.” Carby, cheesy, and saucy pasta—any way you choose to prepare it—is hard not to love. Our trick to perfecting pasta is twofold: Choosing which to pair with each pasta type to ensure you’re getting optimal flavor and texture out of your food, as well as how you cook it. We almost always recommend cooking pasta al dente (slightly undercooked), or about a minute less than the box instructions say. When mixed in with the sauce, the noodles will continue to cook—but not overcook—until soft yet firm. And always reserve 1–2 cups of pasta water. When pasta cooks, it releases starch into the water that makes a great thickener when added to sauces! To get you started, here are some of Chrissy's all-time greatest pasta recipes to inspire your next noodle night.

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