Cravings | The Show-Off Cheese Knife Set

The Show-Off Cheese Knife Set


Blocks, wheels, crumbly cubes, and soft gooey wedges deserve better than a butter knife. Fancy up your cheese plate or charcuterie spread with this three-piece set for spreading, cutting, and plating. The black-and-brass colorway is modern and mixes well with different types of serveware—a great set for anyone who loves to entertain.

Set Includes:
* One Cheese Spreader
* One Cheese Knife
* One Pronged Cheese Knife

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Cheese Knives 101

Cheese is a perfect food—use the right knife.

  • Cheese Spreader: Use this dull-edged knife for spreading soft cheeses (it also works for jams and chutneys).

  • Cheese Knife: The serrated edge slices cheese and cuts through rinds.

  • Pronged Cheese Knife: Use the sharp side to slice cheese, and the pronged end to plate and serve.