I truly won’t go out to watch a movie anymore unless it’s at iPic. First off, you sit down on recliners with blankets and a pillow (UM, already amazing), and then you can order food/drinks from a full menu (alcohol included). If you’re the type to finish eating all your snacks before the movie even starts (aka me), welcome to your new go-to theater. You can order any time throughout the movie and they’ll bring the food right to you, no judgement. 

The instant I sit down in that chair, I’ll order the spicy tuna on crispy rice, the warm pretzels, one of their pizzas, the chicken tenders and the truffle fries. It’s dark and everyone has their own pod, so really just order anything and everything your heart desires. Honestly, sometimes you may focus more on the food than the movie, but that just gives you an excuse to go to iPic again. 

It started out as a “date night” spot for John and I, but now it’s become more of a family tradition since kid movies are all we watch at the moment.

On our most recent trip to NY, we took the babies and a couple of our friends and their kids to the iPic on Fulton for Frozen 2. John and I immediately fell asleep (don’t worry, Luna has had us watch it ONE THOUSAND times more), but she had the time of her life. No spoilers, but during a certain Olaf part she laughed by herself for 10 minutes straight. Then, she ran all around the theater to make sure everyone else was watching and having fun. And for the finale, she ran to the front of the theater and danced while the credits rolled (kind of her own tradition at this point). 

Just trust me and give this place a try. Whether you’ve got kids in tow or not, you’ll never be able to watch a movie at any other place again.