Sometimes, you just gotta say f*ck it and have a day of eating whatever you want. So, I decided to make a day out of it – treat yo selllllllfff!

I’ve been wanting to try out Joy (Taiwanese street food, sister restaurant to Pine & Crane) for awhile, but the me-never-wanting-to-leave-my-house factor has delayed things a bit. It’s allll the way in Highland Park (I live in Beverly Hills) – if you live in LA, you know that’s a trek. But, alas, we finally made it out and I only wish we could have tried it sooner!

The restaurant opens at noon, so we made sure to arrive right on the dot. Warning: there is a line even on a Friday at noon (clearly, a lot of people don’t work), but the line moves fast. We sit down and without hesitation, order everything on the menu. We’re order-everything-and-share folks, so this isn’t an unusual thing for us to do. Their kitchen was shocked, but that is also… not unusual. Thank god we did though ‘cause everything is SO GOOD.

My favorite, hands down, is the thousand layer pancake (think Taiwanese style “crepe”) with the egg and cheese. I couldn’t put it down. There were probably 20 things on the table, but this plate was mine (I still let people have a bite, don’t worry). John’s favorite was the minced pork on rice – it’s so simple, but the juices from the minced pork mixed with the rice makes everything so so flavorful. Luna’s favorite was…the white rice. Just that.

Since we went on a Friday (or my excuse), we definitely needed to get some drinks – they have a range of sake from dry to fruity, so we tried them all (see a theme here?)! Even Luna had some sake shots (of peach juice! RELAX).

Oh, don’t forget their insane desserts either. They have a MASSIVE shaved ice bowl with about 100 different ingredients and syrups. The bowl was bigger than Pepper’s face, and we have pictures to prove it. If you want something a bit smaller, they have mochi! 

You might think we’re done here, but we needed more dessert so we went across the street to Donut Friend (all vegan!). Luna kept repeating “I want the chocolate one, I want the chocolate one, I want the chocolate one,” so we got a bunch of chocolate ones… and then again one of everything.

Obviously, donuts are to be consumed throughout the day, which meant we needed dessert for immediate consumption. We headed to Koreatown to Somi Somi (it’s in a mall plaza with a Daiso, so quick pit stop there). Their “cone” is a gold-fish shaped pancake-like cake. It almost tastes like a sugar cone, but the texture is crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. You can pick from 4 flavors of soft serve: matcha, ube, black sesame or milk as well as flavors to fill the bottom of the cone: Nutella, custard, red beans, or taro. THEN you can top it off with different toppings (cereal, Oreo crumbs, etc). They make the cones on-site, so the mix of a “hot off the oven” cone with cold ice cream is heaaaaven. After that, we were finally full…ish so we ended the day.

It may seem like a whole lotta food, but it was all so good, we repeated it. Again, if I’m leaving the house, I’m going ALL out and eating my weight in food – don’t judge me. This time, we went to Scoops for ice cream (it’s right next to Donut Friend, so treat yoself to everything within minutes of each other – you’re welcome). And omggg, it’s amazing. They make all their own flavors in-house and rotate them out every week – there were so many combos I never heard of (cookie butter Oreo, strawberry balsamic, ube coconut burnt sugar??), but they know what they’re doing. I tried the brown brown bread and it’s truly one of the best ice creams I ever had. So, of course, we ordered 5 more pints of everything before heading home. 

I don’t recall much after that, for either day, probably because I food coma’d out, but these are my favorite kind of days.