I know #HotGirlSummer was huge this year, but I’m so ready for Fall. All the Sleepytime Stew, soups, and… hiding food bellies underneath my clothes. With the holidays coming up, both sides of our family will come together, and I’ll cook for hours and hours. That’s my true love, just slow cooking with wine and 90 Day Fiancé playing in the background. This year, I’ll be using my new enamel collection: searing, sautéing, stewing, and wok-ing!!

What’s so different Chrissy, other than the color? Oh, why thank you for asking. I was very specific in designing this cast-iron skillet. You know those mouth-watering grill marks you always see on chicken, steaks, and veggies in TV commercials and in cooking magazines? I gave the ridges on my skillet extra height so food doesn’t steam – it grills extra clean, so you can brag to all your friends about your “technique.”

Also, a lot of you were asking for a mini version of the five-quart pot so we made a smaller one! It’s perfect for making rice or a small pot of soup (yes, I read and listen to you guys!).

And in case you were scared to try out the wok, I made an exclusive recipe (just for you Website folks) to help ease you in.

So, go try my new Fall goodies – my early holiday gifts from me to you!