Waking up on Christmas morning is already exciting, because, helloooo, presents under the tree and matching flannel PJs. But it can be made infinitely better with a cozy, comforting Christmas breakfast. Usually all the attention on Christmas food is with feast-worthy dinners and lots of cookies, but we think it’s time to hone in on your breakfast spread. This works to fuel up for the day of cooking and celebrating ahead, especially for those who eat Xmas dinner later in the evening. You can go for something lighter like a grain bowl or oatmeal cacio e pepe, sweet like cardamom coffee buns, or fully-loaded like John’s classic breakfast sandwiches, a stack of crepes, or ham & Swiss hot pockets. Just don’t forget the Thai iced coffee, or you might end up more like a Grinch on Christmas morning.

1. Elevated Egg-in-a-Hole with Mushroom Sauce

This isn’t the egg-in-a-hole you might remember from childhood. (Or toad-in-a-hole or egg-in-a-basket or whatever you know it as.) This is a grown-up version with thick-cut brioche and two eggs inside, all covered with a creamy mushroom sauce. The key is making sure the egg yolks are cooked to runny perfection so you can use the remaining toast as a sponge to absorb allllll the mushroom-egg goodness.

2. Cardamom Coffee Buns

Cinnamon rolls are good, but these cardamom coffee buns are the queen of all indulgent breakfast items. Accented with the warming spice of cardamom, they are cozier than your favorite throw blanket. Have a cup of coffee nearby for dunking (double coffee!) and definitely some napkins… you’ll need ‘em!

3. Sweet and Savory Crepes

The key to navigating holiday spreads is being strategic with what you eat. Pancakes are always delicious, but we prefer crepes, which are similar in flavor but thinner and lighter—aka you can eat a few in the morning and still enjoy the rest of the holiday spread without being overstuffed. Make them savory with ham & cheese or sweet with a zesty lemon topping.

4. Oatmeal Cacio e Pepe

Oatmeal on Christmas?! Hear us out! Because oats are so neutral, they actually serve as a great base for any type of flavors and toppings! This savory cacio e pepe oatmeal holds the gooey cheesiness of Parm and mozz so nicely, you’ll actually forget you’re not eating pasta for breakfast.

5. Challah French Toast

Rule of thumb when making French toast: The fluffier the bread, the better the outcome. Challah is an eggy bread that can really absorb the custard and sweet, syrupy strawberry topping without becoming a soggy mess. If you can’t find challah, try using brioche!

6. Buttermilk Biscuits with Maple Glaze

The perfect accompaniment to any dish. These warm, flaky biscuits are baked to golden perfection and topped with a salty-sweet maple cream that also makes an excellent dipping sauce. Bonus: If you have biscuits leftover from breakfast, you can serve them at dinner, too. 

7. Ham & Swiss Hot Pockets

A grown up twist on the nostalgic frozen dish we all grew up loving. There’s deli mustard tucked inside for an extra kick to cut through the richness of the Swiss cheese and the buttery, golden, flaky puff pastry that encapsulates the entire filling. 

8. Garlic Roasted Bacon 

bacon tray

Sizzling slices of crispy bacon coated in garlic, wow. Nothing is quite as delicious (and easy!) as this breakfast dish. Chrissy swears by oven-roasting—not frying or microwaving—to get that delicious crispy crunch, minus the mess every time. If you make extra, you can crumble on top of mashed potatoes for dinner…

9. Jammy Raspberry Oat Squares 

We’re not going to tell you to NOT eat cookies for breakfast, but considering there are oats in these buttery, jammy raspberry squares, they technically count as breakfast food… right? Right. Definitely right for Christmas. Make sure you’re using cold butter here so that each square holds its shape!

10. Breakfast Grain Bowls 

For the family members at the table that insist on being somewhat healthy, even on a holiday morning, we’ve got you covered. These loaded breakfast grain bowls are filled with brown rice, runny eggs, pickled red onions, and tahini for creamy nuttiness. Plus, its vibrant color only makes your table spread that much more beautiful.

11. Thai Iced Coffee 

If coffee for breakfast is more your speed, we’ve got something for you, too! This creamy and refreshing Thai iced coffee is made with condensed milk for extra richness, while the instant espresso powder will really kickstart your holiday celebrations.

12. John’s Breakfast Sandwiches

Last, but certainly not least, are John’s “famous” breakfast sandwiches. The key is making the sausage patties from scratch—that’s what adds all the flavor, juiciness, and spice to the English muffins. Combined with melted American cheese and a fried egg, there’s arguably no drive-thru breakfast item that can compete with this masterpiece.