With summer officially here, we’re all looking for lighter, more refreshing recipes. Just because summer dishes tend to be on the healthier side doesn’t mean they need to be any less tasty. From the Caesar salad dressing Chrissy swears by to her crab and arugula pasta, we rounded up our favorite recipes that are easy to make (and satisfying)!

Caesar Salad with Crunchy Panko Crumbs

There’s no better way to dress lettuce up than by adding a homemade Caesar dressing. It’s flavorful yet the texture is light, and the crumbled breadcrumbs give a great crunch to every bite.

Creamy Crab & Arugula Pasta

Is there anything better than pairing seafood and pasta? We didn’t think so. This creamy (but not too creamy!) pasta is both rich from the sauce yet refreshing from the crab. Add in some arugula for that nice, pepper-y bite.

Baked Green Tomatoes

Green tomato season is here, which means it’s time to add this recipe to your repertoire. Although they share the same name, green tomatoes taste nothing like the red variety. They’re super firm and somewhat tart, but when oven-baked, they get beautiful crispy coating and super juicy.

Scallops with Carrot Zoodles

These scallops and zoodles are the healthier version of seafood pasta, yet still so delicious. Feel free to add in extra veggies if you’d like, but whatever you do, don’t move the scallops once you place them in the pan – that will ruin that beautiful, golden coating!

Bocadillo Sandwich

The best ham and cheese sandwich you’ll ever have that takes no time to make. For best results, try making it with serrano ham or prosciutto, and pair it with a semi-sharp cheese, like manchego.