Cravings | The Personal Popcorn Popper

The Personal Popcorn Popper

This reusable silicone bowl-and-lid set is a sustainable alternative to the old microwaveable bag kind, and once your batch is popped you can add your favorite Cravings popcorn seasoning, pop the lid back on, and shake it up to get flavor in allllll the nooks and crannies.
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Keep It Poppin'

There's a seasoning for every Craving—match your movie, match your mood, DO YOU!

  • Salty: Salt & Vinegar
  • Sweet: Birthday Cake
  • Cheesy: Spicy Cheddar
  • Comforting: French Onion & Gruyerè
  • Indecisive: Sweet & Salty Coconut
  • Freak Show: Two shakes of each

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