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Luxe Silk Sleep Set

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Sleeping on silk is soooo much better for your skin and hair, but the best part about this four-piece sleep set is that it makes turning in for the night a whole mood. Secure your top-knot with the scrunchie, slip the mask over your eyes, settle back on your pillow, and enjoy your sweetest dreams ever.

Set Includes:

  • Silk eye mask + pouch
  • Silk scrunchie
  • Silk pillowcase
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4 Ways Silk Boosts Your Beauty Sleep

  • Silk doesn’t absorb oils, so your skin stays hydrated.
  • Snag-free silk protects hair from breaking.
  • It’s temperature regulating—no more night sweats!
  • Antimicrobial silk resists dirt and microbes for a healthier night’s sleep.