Cravings | Face Crystals: Luna

Face Crystals: Luna

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Nova Kaplan, one of Chrissy’s makeup artists and close friends, is the person responsible for Chrissy’s face crystal obsession. She helped design the entire CRYSTALS by Cravings collection, which you can wear as shown or separately as single accent pieces. Here’s some inspo from Nova on how the Luna came together: “I’ve always had a special relationship with Luna. The first time we put crystals on Chrissy was during a face painting party we did for Luna. We needed a style centered around her namesake, so we incorporated the powerful crescent moon.”
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  • Created in partnership with Lunautics
  • Designed by Nova Kaplan
  • HOW TO APPLY: Remove crystal clusters from the package and place them firmly against skin for 5 seconds.
  • Works best on clean skin. Avoid using oil-based products prior to applying crystals.
  • HOW TO REUSE: Crystals can be re-worn several times after first use. After removing crystals, gently wipe the back of each crystal cluster with a damp cloth to remove excess oil and place back inside original packaging. Upon next use, apply crystals with eyelash glue or similar cosmetic adhesive.