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Eat it straight from the carton, bake it, or do both! This cookie dough was created to give all the bowl-lickers out there an option that's safe to eat raw (move over, ice cream). This set includes two Doughp favorites, Cookie Monsta and Santa's Doughp, plus a new Cravings x Doughp collab flavor based off Chrissy's signature sweet potato streusel pie—aka Chrissy Pie.
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Cookie Doughp Milkshake

Blend ½ cup Doughp, 1 pint ice cream, ¼ cup whole milk, plus more as needed, and 2 tablespoons of your fave topping for the ultimate Cravings-worthy milkshake! Try these combos:

  • Chrissy Pie + vanilla ice cream
  • Santa's Doughp + chocolate ice cream
  • Cookie Monsta + raspberry ice cream