Cravings | The Fresh Plate Shallow Bowls, Set of 4

The Fresh Plate Shallow Bowls, Set of 4

The best of bowl worlds: Use the curved rim on these cream-colored bowls to scoop up the last of the pasta sauce, let hearty salads shine, and keep your pad Thai in place. Perfect for everyday dining and entertaining, this easygoing, elegant set zhuzhes up your tablescape without feeling fussy.
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Turn Your Salad Into a Veggie-based Dinner

  • Top with sweet potato, roasted cauliflower, or crispy tofu.
  • Add cheese! Duh. Burrata, parm, crumbled feta—they all make salad better.
  • Sprinkle with roasted seeds, homemade croutons, or super-thin shoestring fries.