I don’t know many people who haven’t had a twice baked potato. But MY twice baked potato is…the best twice baked potato. I lied in the headline. It actually has TWO secret ingredients. One, the herby Boursin cheese, similar to the herb goat cheese I slather into my stuffed prosciutto chicken breasts. And two, just a tiny teaspoon of fish sauce. The fish sauce doesn’t make it fishy in any way, but it adds just an incredible amount of flavor that just doesn’t come from anything else.

Aside from that, it’s pretty traditional in that OTT cheddar-bacon-sour cream-potato-goodness way. You can most certainly halve 2 potatoes completely for 4 side servings, but I love the look of simply shaving off the top quarter of the potato and having two, enormous, overflowing potatoes. I also find that scraping the insides out takes me to one of my happy places.