My parents make a 20-pound turkey every year for our family of five at Thanksgiving because my dad gets it for free at work. There is always too much turkey leftover, and I always get sick of it after two days. So I’ve had to start getting creative with repurposing leftovers. This year, I decided to stuff turkey and gravy into yaki onigiri, a grilled—or in this case griddled in a skillet—Japanese-style crispy rice balls for portable snacks that even stand up to a day or two in the fridge. You can make them into the classic triangle shape using a little plastic wrap and your hands, or buy an onigiri mold at an Asian grocery store (or online for around $5). The angular sides of the triangle will sear up nicely, but you can also just press the rice balls into flat discs that yield similarly crispy results and are much easier for beginner onigiri makers.