Before your overworked, exhausted ass gets too excited, I want you to know there are a couple steps more to this recipe than just, “throw EVERYTHING in the slow cooker and turn it on.” There’s a bit of bacon-cooking, and then sautéing of mushrooms in that savory bacon fat, but trust me. Please trust me here. Just tossing mushrooms into the slow cooker would be a watered down mess, plus you need to sliiiiightly cook that bacon. If it helps, you’re only using one pot before going into the slow cooker!

The chicken is tender, the mushrooms are creamy, and the sour cream is what makes it a stroganoff. Plus there’s a bit of bacon in every bite. I’ve done this with a few different seasoning combos, but nothing is better to me than pouring in a packet of cheapo onion soup mix.

Pick any pasta to serve it over – I go spaghetti, but if you wanna lean traditional, curly egg noodles are where it’s at.