Updated 3.24.20

I’m repurposing some recipes to make life a little easier in the kitchen these days. Whenever I need any sort of comfort, I’ll ask my mom to make her Scalloped Potatoes – I don’t care what has happened that day, one bite and I’m happy again. This recipe is already easy, but here are a few substitutions you can make (in case you’re low on anything), so that you too can eat it for dinner, breakfast, first lunch…second lunch, whenever.

follower on Twitter actually came up with this amazing hack – she used gluten-free pancake mix instead of flour…and it worked! She also doubled up on the bacon instead of using ham. You can do that or you can also use sliced ham instead of the cubed, if that’s all you’ve got! You can also try sweet potatoes for that salty sweet combo or, honestly, just halve the recipe if you don’t have enough of the ingredients. I hope this helps, it’s a good one to save and reheat! Enjoy!

More than any other potatoes, these are Pepper Thai potatoes. Mom sometimes just makes these for, you know, a snack, and though having a massive pot of creamy ham-and-bacon-studded potato slices sitting around may sound nuts, once you make them you will understand the wisdom of our insanity. You can have a scoop of them hot, warm, room temp, or stone-cold, along with other food or on their own—no matter, they will. be. amazing. Guaranteed, or your money back.