Since every night is now movie night, you gotta mix it up when it comes to the popcorn. It’s the simplest snack, but the best made fresh. What’s not to love? Oil-popping is fun and makes the house smell amazing, plus the popcorn is super fluffy and feels like a major treat when it comes straight out of the pot. *CRUCIAL TIP: you have to put the oil in when the pot is super super hot – before putting the kernels in – or you’ll end up with really chewy popcorn.

I like to add a packet of ranch seasoning, but you can use whatever your mood is calling for. If you don’t have a ranch packet, try using onion and garlic powder along with some salt and pepper. A taco seasoning packet is another idea, maybe a little grated parm? If you like it on the sweeter side, you could make a fake “kettle corn” by tossing light brown sugar and fine sea salt into the still-hot popcorn… you get the idea. Think of the popcorn as a blank canvas, and you’re the artist. And of course, send me your hacks!!